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Why Australia’s Gold Coast?


May 17


The Gold Coast is a city coming of age. It is a place of opportunity that, over the next decade, will transform into a globally-recognised city while retaining its enviable lifestyle and stunning natural environment.

Strategically located on the edge of the Asia-Pacific rim, with access to two international airports, the Gold Coast is perfectly positioned as a destination for business, investment, study, sport, events, tourism and lifestyle.

The Gold Coast stretches along 57 kilometres of coastline and is home to over half a million people. Beyond the city’s beautiful beaches are vast, sub-tropical rainforests with breathtaking scenery.

The city enjoys a five-year average annual growth rate of 2.3 per cent and has access to an economic catchment of 3.6 million people.
Welcoming close to 12 million visitors each year, the Gold Coast is Australia’s premier tourist destination, offering a vibrant mix of shopping, accommodation, theme parks, restaurants, entertainment and an abundance of natural attractions.

With a robust economy valued at $25.2 billion, and an ambitious strategy that encourages innovation and sustainable growth, the Gold Coast’s future is full of promise. Ours is an economy of opportunity that has grown from its basis in tourism and construction to a diverse, knowledge-based economic environment.

New infrastructure and innovation in the Information Technology (IT), health, education and advanced manufacturing sectors are redefining the Gold Coast’s economic profile and creating opportunities in education, research, employment, enterprise and investment.

A city that encourages forward-thinking, is strong in its support of new and creative solutions and is bold in its attitude to growth and development, it’s easy to see why the Gold Coast is home to a dynamic combination of start-ups, co-working spaces and research and education institutions, including three universities.

As host city for the Commonwealth Games in 2018, the Gold Coast is embracing transformative civic projects like never before, with more than $13.5 billion in major infrastructure projects planned or underway that will change the face of our city in a way that is distinctly our own.

This positive attitude towards growth, combined with competitive residential, commercial and retail real estate markets; the lowest rate of payroll in Australia; and support from our business and investment team, is why now is the time to invest in the Gold Coast.