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Blue Horizons Property

Craig Phillips, Sales Manager NSW

  • Craig Phillips, Sales Manager NSW

  • I have been involved with Corr Piccone and Helene Thomas for over 12 months now. They are an incredible duo. Attention to detail is their forte and their dedication to customer service is paramount. They do an enormous amount of homework in basically any state in Australia, finding the next area to boom or the areas that have just started booming.

    Often these areas are completely missed by industry focussed literature, such as Property Investor etc. They don’t sit on the internet to become area experts but drive the streets and do the inspections just as you would. They know the streets and the areas better than the agents opening the properties, plus the population, their preferences and demands, local industry, rental appraisals, the number of properties for rent at a time, how long a property has been in the market but above all the best buys for their customers.

    Corr and Helene are patient in understanding the needs, goals, financial limitations, etc of each client. They don’t just stick to the old “bricks and mortar” theory, they cater for all levels of investment. Whether it’s a large block of units, a duplex, a single town house or the entire block, a simple existing house on land or a new house and land package in a fast accelerating area, they seem to cover all bases. You receive regular emails on the latest that they have discovered, whether its properties or the latest area, you are always in touch. They are very accommodating when you are ready to hunt an area with them or simply check the area out.

    I have found them both to be incredibly professional and excellent at what they do. I am like most, have no time or patience for real estate agents, and these guys are definitely not one of these characters. They basically do all of the hard work for you which is certainly what I need in this time precious era. And it is proving very profitable after only a short time. They are there for building long term relationships, not for a quick dollar.